Parenting Vivian | 21 Feb 2011 04:39 pm

Why Parenting Is Important?

Parents are the most important teachers in their children’s lives. Children learn most of their moral values from their parents. If you have noticed most children imitate their parents. Along with love and care, children require someone to discipline them. Parents are the best ones who can discipline them. When disciplined by a parent, the child understands that he/she is loved but has done something wrong and hence has been corrected.

Parenting is much more than just providing materialistic things for your children. Parenting should involve spending time with your kids, chatting with them daily, teaching them good from bad, correcting them every time they do something wrong, teaching them manners, teaching them to share, loving them, playing with them, teaching them what respect is and installing moral values in them. I firmly believe that one of the major causes of violence in our world today is the lack of good parenting. If you teach your children values such as love and forgiveness, you have helped make our world a better place.

Parenting is the power that parents possess to mould their children into decent and loving individuals.

Parents have the ability to inspire their kids and to teach them moral values. Children automatically imitate what they learn at home and what they learn at home, they never forget. You can be sure that they will pass it on to their children as well. In the light of the above, parenting is not just important, it is essential. Good parenting on behalf of the parents will in turn ensure a better society at large.

If we teach and inculcate the right values in our kids today, we have hope for a brighter future; we have hope for a better world, a world in which our children and grand children can live in peace and harmony

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