Parties Vivian | 27 Apr 2011 07:39 pm

Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set – Creating a Dream Birthday Cake For Your Little Princess

Your daughter’s birthday is coming up and she has been asking for a princess party because her best friend had one. You are strapped for cash and cannot afford to have the perfect castle cake made. Well the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set comes to the rescue.

This Wilton cake set will come with everything that you need in order to make that glorious cake fit for your princess.

This set comes with: 3 detailed tower torrents, removable peak pieces, 6 lattice windows and attractive paneled doors and a main roof peak.

The Wilton Romantic Castle Cake pan will convert a plain cake into an out of this world dream castle fit for even the most sophisticated of princesses.

If you feel that your creative juices aren’t bursting at the seams, do not despair. 燭he Castle Cake product will also include ideas and instructions on how to create this your masterpiece. Therefore the only thing holding back your creative juice; is you or in this case your little princess.

Your little princess and her friends will love how her castle will come to life with the Wilton cake set designs.

Additionally if you or your princess is not interested in the designs that come with the set, simply go online to explore more creative ideas.

The Wilton Romantic Castle cake set can be found online or in stores. A quick search found the price to be an average if $20. Now that’s a good deal! Leaving you with enough money to plan the other aspects of that splendid princess party.

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