Babies-Toddler Vivian | 28 Apr 2011 07:26 pm

Yoga For Your Baby – Benefits and Preparation Needed

No doubt yoga has a lot of of benefit. Not only adult can do yoga, your baby also can do it. Mum can do Yoga together with baby. This activity create a great time and fun to both of mum and baby, also will keep you in a good health, fresh. It” give you a best quality and fun time, right?

Basically, Yoga use all part of our body. Yoga with baby have lots of advantages because it’s helping to develop baby awareness and the physiology. Yoga can:

a. Improve the body digestion system
b. Improve the breathing system
c. Improve Blood flow and circulation system
d. Improve auto immune system
e. stimulate nervous system development
f. stimulate baby skin receptors and cell growth
g. develop baby muscle stronger and flexible
h. promote deeper sleep and relaxation to your baby
i. develop baby character, self-esteem
J. promote and strengthen parents and baby relationship.

Some of preparation need to be taken before doing yoga. Here is some tips to prepare a cozy and comfortable room:

旵lean the room and manage room air circulation
昅anage room lighting, not too bright or too dark
晅urn on soft and light music
昒se clean and soft mattress

Also, make sure baby wear a soft and light cloth with less buttons. It will ease the movement.

Having a good experienced yoga coach is also very important. Good yoga coach will assist parent to understand the background and advantages of every movement with the baby. Do practice with your baby at home if you have attended the baby yoga class.

Have fun and feel the benefits of baby Yoga. Cheers…

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