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Your Child Can Become a Good Human Being

Spending time with the family is priceless! Try to make the best by guarding the precious family time. We usually waste our free time in shopping, attending phone calls, parties, guests and the not-to-be-missed TV shows. So, you must learn to fence-off this much-needed time to spend with your family.

You must devote considerable amount of time to make your child a good human being. The foundation stone of a good human being is laid at a very young age. You must have observed that even as a toddler your baby understands your facial expressions and tone of voice. Thus, he/she can easily distinguish between the good and bad mood.

During early years, children want to please their parents. These golden years are the best time to establish foundation for a good behaviour. Building foundation surely demands a lot of patience and time. Sit calmly with the children and make them understand how to take care of their belongings and surroundings.

While teaching good behaviour, you must have patience as well as respect for the child’s feelings. This will make him/her understand the importance of other’s feelings. Whenever your child performs a good deed praise him/her without giving a second thought. This will be quite encouraging. Moreover, you must let your child know that he/she is good and you love him/her a lot more for that.

Being premature, your child may not be able to understand your expectations. So, bridge out this gap and act like a helpful and friendly guide. Ask your child, to arrange his/her toys and keep socks into the shoes after coming from school.

If your child misbehaves then he/she must be discouraged. But, it would be advisable to take utmost care while dealing with the child, you must be kind and firm too. Keep this always in mind that their behaviour may be unacceptable, but they are in the process of learning things around them.

During the teen years, you will observe the importance of nurturing good behaviour in your child, as he/she will respect your feelings as well as authority.

The article is about teaching your child to be a good human being. It can be achieved by spending more time with the child.

Author: Suchita Sehni has contributed a lot in Child Education and Parenting. At present she is an active member of Shemford Group of Schools.

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