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    2008 Munich Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition successfully concluded, record the indicator
    2015/11/16 10:18:51 viewed:809

    The 4th Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition in Munich (analytica China on September 25, 2008, in a perfect curtain call, number of exhibitors and visitors both hit a new high. Analysis of the Munich Shanghai biochemical show a total of 342 exhibitors from 19 countries, nearly a quarter higher than the previous. Held the fourth session of Shanghai international seminar on analytical chemistry and other activities the world famous experts and invited to lecture.

    Shanghai/Munich, on September 25, 2008: last week, Munich Shanghai analysis showed again biochemical exhibition in China and Asia within the scope of analysis, laboratory diagnosis and biochemical technology, technology exhibition's leadership, to perpetuate itself in this important market in the legend: 17000 square meters of exhibition area contains 17000 exhibitors, exhibition area of nearly 50% higher than in 2006. Three days of the exhibition a total of 13146 people attended the meeting, of whom 9091 are registered to visit Munich analysis of biochemical exhibition in Shanghai, the remaining 4055 is held in the same ring sponsored by the international expo group in Munich, Germany, CHINA expo international (CHINA) to register the audience. This year the number of audience is biochemical Munich Shanghai analysis show the best record in China for the first time since 2002. In addition to China and Asia exhibition company, the local market demand for the company's products in Europe and North America continues to grow.

    As ever, the industry's leading manufacturers all took part in Munich with the analysis of biochemical exhibition in Shanghai, including agilent, jena, step, the eppendorf, Merck, perkin Elmer, island ferry and fly the er. This year's international exhibitors percentage up to 44% of the total number of exhibitors, including from Spain and the UK national pavilion, another 52 German companies, is the largest country in the pavilion in the exhibition.

    "Our analysis of Munich this year Shanghai biochemical performance is quite satisfactory. Munich Shanghai biochemical exhibition expo and China ring at the same time analysis provides a complementary, the two sides has made a contribution to the success of two exhibition." Munich international exhibition group managing director Klaus Dittrich said.

    Exhibitors are satisfied

    Professional exhibition organization, the high quality of the audience, transfixed the show drew the exhibitors.

    The first exhibition of spectral co extols the show in Japan. "We received far more than expected, and they come from multiple areas. Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition in Munich is absolutely the perfect platform to promote our products." In Tokyo, Japan spectral sales service center manager said Mr Takada and long.

    Czech TESCAN company is the first time they display the biochemical analysis of Munich Shanghai exhibition of the feedback is positive. The company CEO, Mr Jaroslav Klima told us: "come to visit our booth of not only China's potential customers, there are many agents from other Asian countries, such as Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand, etc."

    The old exhibitors also expressed their spoke highly of the show. Perkin Elmer was the third time this year, the company in greater China President Daniel r. says Mr Marshak Munich biochemical exhibition Shanghai analysis is one of the largest analysis and laboratory technology exhibition in China, also is the best platform for the display equipment and technology. The international exhibitors ratio is very high, and local manufacturers also to attend to.

    Shanghai spectrum instruments co., LTD. Import and export business director Mr Chen Huachao think Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition in Munich this year growth significantly: "many exhibitors booth has expanded, a large number of new exhibitors is also attended in. Very professional exhibition organization, we will take part in the next Munich analysis of biochemical exhibition in Shanghai."

    With the development of biotechnology industry in China, this year's Shanghai more appeared on the analysis of biochemical exhibition in Munich this aspect of the company. As biotechnology company, the United States "teng instrument co., LTD this year ushered in the quite a lot of customers. Its chief representative Steven Mr Fisher said to come to the booth to discuss in addition to the end user will buy "teng instruments, they also received a large number of business audience.

    The first-class concurrent activities

    Exhibition during the same period more than the high quality of workshop has become a sign of Shanghai analysis show in Munich, a swarm of more than 1200 listeners to listen to the famous experts of presentation and report.

    The fourth session of Shanghai international symposium on analytical chemistry, scientists have ent analysis in quality control, laboratory strategy and organization, proteomics, metabolomics, environmental analysis, mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis/sensor and food and traditional Chinese medicine examination and other aspects of the topic. 56 prominent scientists do the related speech, 33 of them are from China, the rest of the 23 from abroad. In under the auspices of the Chinese chemical society, this year's Shanghai international seminar on analytical chemistry more international than ever before.

    On the chromatography sino-german BBS, also discussed the new progress of related technologies. A total of 21 china-germany bilateral prominent scientists explained the chromatography, separation and sample analysis aspects of the latest findings.

    "Proteomics, from basic to applied" workshop held on September 23, this is the first time the workshop as Munich Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition activities of the same period. The main purpose is to promote the development of proteomics in China. The symposium sponsored by the Beijing proteome research center, the center's technical director professor xiao-hong qian.

    24 held royal chemical society meeting in the afternoon, the meeting discussed the academic fields and industrial cooperation, Chinese and British experts to shows the latest research results of cooperation. In this year's conference is supported by Shanghai chemical society.

    Is not only the audience, the exhibitors are also benefited a lot from these activities. Germany NETZSCH companies, managing director of sales, application and marketing Jurgen Blumm. Made a speech, he thought the seminar is a perfect complement to the exhibition, he can further referral at the meeting on their services and solutions. Island international trade (Shanghai) co., LTD., Beijing, tianjin branch analysis instrument division of marketing manager, said Dr Cao lei all seminar is quite professional, experts from both at home and abroad.

    Global partners and perfect international network

    Analysis of biochemical show the good performance of Munich this year Shanghai confirms her again as analysis, laboratory diagnosis and biochemical technology, technology leading position. It can't depart from the support of our strong partners, they include Beijing analysis test academic report and fair (BCEIA) by the Chinese association of analysis test (CAIA), Chinese chemical society (CSS) and China (CSIMC) scientific equipment import and export corporation. Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition in Munich also supported by some international organizations, including the Japanese analysis instrument manufacturers will industrial (JAIMA), international association of impact assessment (IAIA), German precision machinery and optical industry association (SPECTARIS), Grufac GAMBICA of Britain and Spain. In addition, the technical advisory board member of the exhibition is China's representative to the research and industry.

    Global network of international exhibition in Munich group also contribute a lot to the success of the exhibition, including exhibition of Munich analytica was founded in 1968, began in 2002 and 2003 Munich Shanghai respectively analyze biochemical exhibition and analytica Anacon India exhibition and the exhibition of analytica Vietnam and opening in 2009, analytica world series for Asia and the world offers the best analysis, laboratory techniques and biochemical technology exchange platform.

    The next Munich analysis of biochemical exhibition will be held in Shanghai in the autumn of 2010 was held in Shanghai new international expo center.

    Introduction to the analytica China

    Analytica China Munich Shanghai biochemical exhibition has become a key Asian analysis, laboratory techniques and diagnostic and laboratory techniques in the field of professional exposition and network platform, is located in the industry one of the most growth markets in Asia - China. Show every two years in Shanghai new international expo center held once a year. Shanghai is also a hub for China's chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. The audience from chemical and pharmaceutical industry, medical, food, environment, and the research department of industry and government users and decision makers. Analysis of biochemical exhibition will be held in Shanghai in Munich on September 23, 2008 to 25.

    Analysis of biochemical analytica China Munich Shanghai exhibition is part of a global network analytica. The network covers the analytica Germany international analysis, biochemical technology, diagnosis, and the experiment technology trade fair and international seminar (analytica 8 years on April 1, 2008200 solstice 4, Munich), analytica China Shanghai analysis of biochemical exhibition in Munich and analytica Anacon India India international analysis, biochemical technology, laboratory technology and services fair and international seminar (analytica Anacon India 2009200 on September 29 solstice on October 1, hyderabad, India). More than exhibition activity information and at the same time, please visit: www.analytica.de.

    Introduction to the international expo group in Munich

    Munich international expo group is one of the world's leading exhibition company, held each year around the world nearly 40 expos, involved in industries including capital goods, consumer goods and high-tech. There are more than 100 countries every year more than 30000 enterprises in Munich, audiences all over the world more than 200 countries and regions, the total number of more than 2 million. In addition, the group also held various professional exhibition in Asia, Russia, South America. Munich, has 4 subsidiaries in 86 countries and 62 offices, group, network cover all over the world.


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