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    The first micro nephropathy biochemical analyzer in changchun successfully developed quickly
    2015/11/16 10:19:47 viewed:923

    A micro miniaturization, portable kidney disease fast biochemical analyzer in changchun city, jilin province, and has passed the ministry of science and technology "863" the panel's acceptance.

    According to the actual needs of modern medicine clinical testing equipment, in 2004, by China's scientific director spring machine and xiamen the Dakota instrument co., LTD. Jointly bear the national "863" project B micro rapid detection system research "typical disease". After a year and a half of the research of scientific research personnel, and successfully developed the first miniature nephropathy rapid detection of biochemical analyzer, small batch trial production work, and completed the instruments - key components of the micro spectrometer instrument has obtained the production license.

    According to scientific research personnel, in the process of development, some key technologies to achieve a major breakthrough: using micro machining method, is developed for the first time heating silicon chip, the key parts of mass production; USES the symmetrical structure, simplify the optical path of the micro spectrometer, reduced volume, greatly improve the performance of the instrument, reduces the instrument of the final cost and production cycle.

    Prototype machines at present, the instrument has four different hospitals in China completed a total of 700 cases of clinical trial, the test results show that the performance and index not only basically achieved the level of imported large biochemical analyzer, also has small volume, low cost, simple operation, short test time. And as kidney disease testing instrument, it by testing in patients with serum creatinine and urea nitrogen content, can be effectively on the degree of disease patients with kidney disease to judge, can be used as the main basis of further treatment options. The successful development of it made it possible to outpatient real-time detection and family, can shorten the test cycle and reduce test cost.


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