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    AnHui Zi Lu Health Industry Grou
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    Our company become the chief accountant association member units
    2015/11/16 11:29:08 viewed:983
    Anhui Chief accountant Association, also known as the Chief accountant (CFO) in Anhui province Association (Anhui Association of devoted to Financial Officers), English abbreviation AHACFO, is a professional Association level in Anhui province. Hereinafter referred to as: the total teacher association or CFO in anhui association in anhui. The association's members are all large and medium-sized state-owned, private and other key enterprises in anhui province, administrative institution, financial and taxation well-known colleges and universities in the province of the chief accountant, finance director, finance director and professor of financial and accounting experts and senior financial management staff. The member representative assembly for the association's highest authority, the council is the member representative assembly of the actuator, the member representative assembly session leaders should carry out daily work. Association secretariat, academic department, training department, propaganda department, member department and other departments, other proposed tax consulting, modern cost, medical and health care, informatization, construction engineering, and the council for higher education and so on six major. Now has hundreds of members, the association with distribution of industries, regions and departments in the province.


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