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    Hefei zi lu. Lai night large literary evening to help
    2015/11/16 11:30:11 viewed:1058

    Hefei zi lu. Lai help night large literary evening video link: http://www.tudou.com/my/programs/#itemList/? Page = 1 & sort = 1 & desc = true

    In April 2012, the anhui province clinical inspection academic annual meeting held in feng le international hotel, as the sponsorship of the enterprise, medical in hefei zi lu jiang hotel held a "zi lu. Lai help night" large literary dinner, guests present at the meeting, more than 300 people watched the wonderful theatrical together.

    We have learned, in anhui in the annual inspection, held so much large literary dinner, is the first time, the actors performance has also been the guest's consistent high praise.


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