Is television a babysitter for children? This question has been asked many times throughout the years. But is it really true? In most cases it is. Parenting can be complicated and a new parent often will say, “I will never let the television babysit my children.” As a parent for 5 years, I too have felt the same way. However this is never the case. Children have a need of entertainment and it is sometimes tempting to place your child in front of the television when you have a lot of things to do during the day. However, Can it be dangerous? In some situations it can be.

Every child is different. Children can become moody and demanding when they are not allowed to watch television and refuse to play with their toys. However, can too much television cause dangerous behavior in a child? Amy B. Jeanroy, author of “Dangerous Babysitter” writes, “On children TV and children movies, the characters talk cruelly to one another and play mean tricks – just for a laugh, they vomit on each other and pass gas, throw rotten food and beat one another with sticks, rocks and bricks – all the while laughing maniacally and screaming at the top of their lungs. Heads are ripped off, lungs are ripped out, air is choked off and all the while, hysterical laughter. This is not Friday night at 11 p.m. This is children cartoons.” (Jeanroy. 1999)

But what can parents do to prevent this from happening? Turn off the television! By limiting the time which a child spends in front of the television is the first step. Take your child to a park, play a game with them, or simply have them play with the millions of toys that are bought for them. To prevent your child from being a mindless drone it is simply limiting their time spent in front of the television.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Too much of television can be dangerous to a child’s upbringing in regards of the things they watch on television. A child who is watching shows which show adult humor are going to be different from a child who is strictly reduced to educational shows. Television is not completely bad and is a source of information and learning, but use television in moderation. Can television be dangerous as a babysitter? To this author, it can.

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