These two Powerpuff Party Games are a great way to get your next birthday party off to a good start. Just be sure to have enough room for all the players.

The first game is called, 慍hipmunk Charades.?In this one Bubbles has lost her ability to speak English and currently can only speak to chipmunks. This game has several parts to it. First you must choose the villain, someone must play the bad guy who then chooses what the secret password to activate the doomsday devices. Bubbles has heard from her squirrel friends about the doomsday devices, but not being able to speak or have anything to write with must use charades to tell the others the password within 5 min.

There is a large amount of freedom with this game as nearly everything is customizable. However, this game requires around 3-5 players to really be fun any less or more just detracts from the fun. For a little competition time the charades and give a prize to the person who guesses the password Bubbles is trying to give, the fastest.

Another great Powerpuff Girls game to play is called 慖nventing New Monsters.? This is a variation of the game 慣wenty Questions.? Choose one person to come up with a new monster idea and choose a secret method for each new enemies weakness. Then, by guessing different categories the others get a certain number of tries to guess the weakness. The person who created the monster can only give a yes or no answer to the players who are playing the Powerpuff Girls trying to find their enemies weakness with in a time limit of say two minutes.

This is a great game for the kids as it encourages creativity and the more unique and unusual weakness the more interesting the resulting game will be. The heroes side will gain extra points based on speed, and if half the available time is used then the villains score is also halved. This bonus is cumulative so half of half the time will lead to a quarter point bonus.

Creativity is just as important as logic and deduction. All of which the Powerpuff girls have plenty of. This game is especially great as there are no real restrictions on players, anyone from 2 to 20 or 30 can play easily.